Saturday, April 08, 2006
How to prepare for an interview - 10 step guide!
Follow the guidelines given below to prepare for you interviews:
  1. Get your basics right. This includes everything that is part of your course work WHICH is important to the job profile. Not remembering a 1st year course because you studied it 3 years back is not an excuse.
  2. Read your resume. Get familiar with all the projects and skills you have included in your resume. You are responsible for what you have written in your resume.
  3. Degree project and Work experience. These are the two most important parts of your resume. Refesh your memory and try to revise important things you did and goals you achieved as part of your final project and work experience.
  4. Skills required. ask yourself - what are the skills required for the job. If you have them then revise and refresh, if you don't have then study and learn.
  5. Investigate the employer. visit its webpage. know about the company. In one interview I was asked if I have visited the company's webpage. This shows your interest in the job.
  6. Get help from your friends. get all the information from your friends related to the interview, if you are lucky you might find someone who have actually given that interview.
  7. Search. you be surprised to see what you can find on the net. there are test papers, interview experiences and many other useful information available. search if you have time.
  8. Have mock interviews. sit with your friend/family member and have a full-fledged interview. This will help you keep your calm during the actual interview.
  9. dressing. formals never hurts. wear the dress that suits the job profile but if you are not sure then go for formals. dressing casually might even work against you by giving the impression that you are not serious about the job.
  10. checking the venue. Though this is not very important, but if you have time then it would be great if you can check the interview venue a day before the date.
And finally remember that no two interviews are the same. What works for someone might not work for others, so feel free to experiment.
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